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Fruit Wines Kentucky

At McIntyre's Winery, we "grow" our fruit wines in Kentucky. Our homemade blackberry wines and blueberry wines are passionately made. Our soil has been amended to produce the sweetest and juiciest berries possible and we use only all natural supplements on our berries. The fruit is ripened to perfection by the sun while still hanging on the vine and is picked by hand for perfection. This is the secret to our great sweet wine and dry wine.

Fermentation of the fruit is done in a food grade carboy. When the fermentation is in the right stage the must is transferred to a highly polished stainless steel container. The wine is monitored and racked as needed. When the fermentation has completed, the wine is filtered for the final time then bottled.

We currently specialize in blackberry wine and blueberry wine. We have other fruits planted and are waiting until they reach maturity so they can also be added to our wine list.

We offer a wide range of sweetness levels on our wines. We can provide you with a completely dry wine to a sweet wine that has the right sweetness for you. Try our great fruit wines today!